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eLearning in the Hotel Industry

The hotel sector is an exciting and energetic industry and a vital part of our society and economy. In such a fast-paced industry, it is no surprise that hotel staff need to have skills in many areas. From customer service to statutory requirements in health and safety, fire safety, manual handling, for an extremely busy hotel environment, it can be a challenge to keep up.

With high guest experience demands and compliance requirements on every hotel manager’s mind, fortunately, eLearning presents many benefits and means of support for the hospitality business.

Saves Time

During a hotel’s bustling summer season, it may be near impossible to get large amounts of staff in one room to sit down for traditional face to face training. Ironically, it is during peak times, when a hotel is operating at full capacity, that up-to-date training is most important.

eLearning can offer a time-saving solution for busy hotel professionals by ensuring that the hotel team no longer needs to be engaged in face-to-face training for hours at a time. Team members can learn on the go, at their own pace, and pause and resume training as their workflow and business operation allows.

Saves Cost

Although a necessary expenditure for every hotel, the price of traditional and face to face training can be high. This is mostly due to the cost associated with the time needed for team members to attend a course, as opposed to carrying out their day-to-day work activities.

eLearning can manage this by providing a speedier, more accessible solution that also eliminates other costly factors such as booking trainers and classrooms, unnecessary business downtime, travel, and the cost associated with printing learning materials.


Hospitality is now more than ever, an evolving industry. eLearning is adaptable and can meet the needs of a changeable hotel environment by allowing easy updates to training content, as and when changes to legislation, restrictions and business needs occur. Updates to online training can be quickly distributed to hotel teams which is both time and cost-saving for all.

Can Improve Staff Retention

Many surveys will show that lack of training can be a key contributor to high employee turnover. Offering sufficient training in an online format allows for self-directed learning, which puts trust in employees and empowers them to do their job. eLearning can provide employees with clear direction for success, leading to higher levels of engagement, satisfaction, career advancement and ultimately employee retention.


Through eLearning, data and records are generated digitally. This can not only help you to save time, effort and space when storing training records but more importantly, allows you to monitor team member progress and reach for training records extremely quickly and easily as and when you need them.

Thinking about delivering eLearning to your hotel team? We at the Learning Rooms design, build and deliver engaging online learning experiences that deliver key skills through active engagement and experiential learning. We have also developed a range of off-the-shelf eLearning modules. The course content of these modules can be tailored to fit your hotel’s specific practices and they can be white-labelled to fit your hotel brand if required. Check out our list of available courses or learn more about bespoke eLearning design.