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eLearning in the Travel and Tourism Industry

For those working in the travel and tourism industry, life is busy and always moving. Because of the multicultural, faced paced nature of the sector, training delivery can certainly be a challenge.

With the ability to offer mobile learning solutions, greater consistency regardless of location, multi-languages and immersive experiences, eLearning can be a great solution for overcoming many of the demands faced by the travel industry.

Mobile Training

Travel and tourism industry professionals are constantly on the move, therefore training that is available from anywhere, at any time is integral. eLearning can be designed for multiple devices so that it is accessible to a busy employee, allowing them to learn on the go, around their schedules and at their own pace, no matter where they are in the world.


As eLearning technology continues to advance rapidly, it holds great potential to offer the immersive experiences required for the performance-based learning needs of the travel industry. Scenario-based training using realistic scenes, and even simulations and virtual reality can benefit and enhance training, providing learners with an immersive experience that is a safe space to both fail and learn.


With high standards in customer service, presentation and cleanliness to uphold in such a globalised industry, eLearning allows consistency over all training delivered, regardless of location. Expectations can be set out as soon as the induction process begins, ensuring travel and tourism employees are on the same page from the beginning, no matter their location, schedule, department or role. The consistency eLearning offers can also ensure all training materials are appropriately presented in line with your travel company’s brand.

Multi-Language eLearning Content

As such a diverse, globalised and multi-cultural sector, there is great benefit in harnessing technology for the development of multi-language eLearning content. Offering eLearning in multiple languages can help to improve engagement, reach, and employee connection.

Because of the adaptability of eLearning, training can also be localised, allowing easy updates to training content for particular regions as required, while still maintaining a level of consistency in your organisation’s training overall.


If you are interested in support to help deliver technology-based training solutions for your travel or tourism business, we at the Learning Rooms design, build and deliver engaging online learning experiences that deliver key skills through active engagement and experiential learning. We also provide eLearning consultancy, training and supports for your L&D team.