Employee surveys are more commonplace now than ever before. The ease with which they can be conducted, particularly on-line, encourages organisations to try them. However, as will be seen below, there is no quick and easy method to get the best out of them.
You will be forgiven for thinking that this is an article on the merits of teamwork within the team environment. I think that argument has been well flogged at this stage. The merits of effective team working are well established. Managers can decide whether they want or do not want to promote the development of a team ethos within their own departments. This is essentially influenced by their own management style. Of course, it is obviously recommended both for morale and to get more out of your teams, to ignite that hidden treasure that is the team spirit.
Conor Hannaway examines the risks of groupthinking when pressures for conformance and cohesion impact on the ability of the group to effectively communicate, problem-solve and make decisions.
The massive organisational failures which brought Ireland’s financial system to its knees, occurred in organisations stuffed with MBAs and utilising every management tool from strategic analysis to 360˚ feedback, writes Conor Hannaway.