Reusable eLearning Template

Helping you develop consistent, highly interactive eLearning. Our years of experience in building highly engaging and interactive eLearning courses have enabled us to develop an Articulate Storyline Template aimed at the learning professional.

Articulate Storyline Template

Most eLearning templates feature a small number of slides with a specific visual design. We have developed a large, fully featured, professional template containing slide types that can be used to build all types of learning content, making it the most comprehensive, engaging and sophisticated Storyline template available.

The Learning Rooms template will enable you to build high quality, interactive eLearning courses. The template offers a modern design that can be fully tailored to your brand and provides many pre-built learning interactions that will make your development easier, ensure consistency in the learner experience and reduce development time by up to 75%.

The Learning Rooms Storyline Template includes the following slide categories to help you build complete eLearning resources:

  • Course introduction slides
  • Content layouts
  • Creative content
  • People
  • Carousels, sliders & click-reveals
  • Multimedia content
  • Processes & diagrams
  • Reflective questions
  • Knowledge checks
  • Assessment questions
  • Course close slides

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Features of The Learning Rooms Storyline Template

A simplified design and development process

Modern professionally designed layouts

Consistency across all courses and teams

Higher levels of learner engagement

Tested and user-friendly functionality

Available immediately

Meets accessibility requirements*

Complex slide types built and tested

* The template is designed with accessibility in mind. Over 90% of the slides facilitate WCAG AA compliance. However, work is required during development to ensure accessibility compliance. Please note: Articulate has not yet made drag and drop functionality accessible.

Packages to suit eLearning development teams and budgets of all sizes


  • 30 slide types.
  • Kickstart your eLearning journey with professional high quality courses.
  • Perfect for a once off course or a single developer.

  • 80 slide types.
  • Develop interactive courses.
  • Perfect for a single developer or small business.

  • 150+ slide types.
  • Develop highly engaging courses with interactive content and assessments.
  • Perfect for developing eLearning for an organisation of any size.

Tailored design services available

Let our professional design team style your template just for you.

Design it yourself

Have the skills to apply your branding? You can design the look and feel yourself while availing of the built in instructional design and interaction.


Maintain our modern look and feel with your colour scheme, imagery and logo to match your brand.


A full template design service to match your unique needs and brand guidelines.

How it works

Choose the template that best fits your requirements

Starter, Standard or Superior

Select the design package that suits your needs

Design it yourself, Branded or Bespoke

Do you or your team require any training?

We offer Instructional Design and Articulate Storyline training courses

Do you or your team require ongoing support?

Support packages available to help with all stages of your elearning development

Contact us

Contact us for a demo of the template and a full quotation

Prices start at only €250 + VAT

Based on Starter template (30 slides) without design service.

Articulate Storyline Template

Some organisations currently using The Learning Rooms template


Can I change logo, colours and everything in this template?

Absolutely, you can use them just like any other Articulate Storyline slide, add your logo, change colours, add text, images etc. You can even change the interface design yourself.

Can I use the template for commercial purposes?

Yes, this is a professional, commercial set of templates. You can use the templates for commercial purposes, build your courses, train your staff and sell your courses. Your licence does not permit you to resell or share the templates outside of your organisation.

Is there a yearly subscription for the template?

No, once you have bought a licence for the template you will be able to use it with no recurring costs.

Can the entire team use this template?

Yes! The licence for using the template is for the entire team or organisation.

What authoring tools does template work in?

The template is built in Articulate Storyline 360. It is always tested in the most recent version.

Do I need an Articulate License to work with the template?

You will need an active Articulate Storyline license to work with the template.

Digital Learning:

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The course investigates the various roles in an eLearning project development team and investigates the ADDIE eLearning development model which offers you a structured approach to developing eLearning materials.

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Articulate Storyline Template.
Designed for learning professionals by eLearning professionals.

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