Designing & Building Learning Experiences

Everything we learn comes from experience, let us design and build a learning experience for you. We design every piece of content, every interface element, every click or touch to deliver digital learning that works. Incorporating interactive elements, instructional games, simulations and video scenarios we build rich, motivating learning that engages the learner.

Some of our digital learning services

Learning Needs Analysis

Learning Needs Analysis

We will review your learning and development requirements to identify the skills, knowledge and behaviour gaps that need to be addressed. This exercise will establish the direction your project will need to take to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Content Writing

Content Writing

Writing quality content that the learner can engage with is a key success factor in any training initiative. Whether our content writers work with your subject matter experts to write the course content, or we develop the content on your behalf, our clients can be sure that the content will motivate their learners for positive behavioural workplace changes.

Instructional Design

Instructional Design

At The Learning Rooms we understand that learner interaction and engagement are critical components to enabling learning. The integration of traditional and current learning theories with our understanding of your requirements and learner demographic enables us to craft storyboards that will motivate your learners. We use questioning, quizzes, storytelling, and other interesting and challenging approaches such as gamification and simulations.

Visual Design

Visual Design

We understand that culture and brand are important and ensure that these are reflected in your visual design. Our professional designers employ design theory, UI/UX principles and creative flare to craft every visual element of your course. Let your learners experience the difference!

eLearning Development

eLearning Development

Using a range of industry standard eLearning authoring tools our developers will bring your course storyboards to life as they combine the content, visual design and multimedia elements with a mix of interactivity. We choose every pixel and piece to create sticky online and mobile learning experiences to get your message across in the most memorable way.

Online Assessment

Online Assessment

Creating an online assessment is more than a way to track your learners’ achievement. At The Learning Rooms we see it as an opportunity to offer your learners feedback and meaningful follow-up. Rather than a simple grading system, we are able to identify areas for improvement as well as highlighting their strengths. Our online assessments combine elements of gamification, scenarios and questioning, all linked to your learning outcomes.



Measuring the success and return on investment (RoI) of your eLearning is a key stage in the project lifecycle. While most courses will include some form of knowledge check, we consider actual impact on the learner and the organisation. Using The Kirkpatrick Model we will measure everything from your learner reaction to the impact on your bottom line.

Learning Delivery

Online Learning

We design relevant, creative and engaging eLearning. Our online learning offers a full multimedia experience, backed up with relevant educational theory, delivered in a motivating and interactive way.

Whether writing a new course or transforming existing content, our instructional designers will work with your subject matter experts to create the perfect content for your needs.

Bespoke eLearning

We create custom, well-designed and meaningful eLearning that allows our clients and their learners to really engage. We offer an exceptional quality service, designing every detail specifically for your learner.

  • Beautifully designed, just for you
  • Highly interactive, engaging, effective
  • Custom content for specific learning needs

Rapid eLearning

You want to get an eLearning course up and running as quickly as possible. We want to help. Where project time frames are short, this may involve creating short rapid resources. For larger projects we can deliver high quality materials developed to suit a range of budgets and requirements.

Build your own eLearning

Our beautifully designed pre-built eLearning template is perfect for content that you need quickly, or that changes frequently. We have hundreds of layouts and interactions to choose from to ensure your learners get the most out of your courses!

  • Cost effective
  • Tried and tested templates
  • Short development time

Blended Learning

Our blended learning model matches each learning outcome with the best delivery methodology. The integration of face-to-face, interactive eLearning, video materials and resources produces a course that utilises the benefits of each delivery method. We will find the perfect blend for you.


Micro-learning is a learning strategy to quickly close skill and knowledge gaps using short learning activities. It is an ideal approach for short term focused skills development. We design small digestible segments of learning such as a short video or a just-in-time job aid to help your staff achieve their specific learning goal.

Multi-device Learning

Is learning on the go a priority? Will your staff be using all shapes and sizes of phone, tablet and computer to learn? We can develop your accessible eLearning course that responds intelligently to every device. Perfect for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) organisations.

  • Beautiful on every screen
  • Quality learning on the go
  • Mobile first learning

Live Online Learning

Virtual classroom technologies enable you to provide real-time interactive and engaging sessions to a remote audience. We connect your employees or customers to experts in their field without all the traditional costs involved with travel and locations. Our solution offers you a live platform that really facilitates learning.

Which option is right for you?

We tailor our eLearning development services to your requirements. We plan each project around you. Our partnership approach embraces your subject knowledge and understanding of the learner while we provide best practice learning and digital development skills. This gives you the best possible project team.

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