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I can’t log in
I can’t access my certificate
I have forgotten my password
I have forgotten my username
I deleted the email with my login details
I didn’t receive the email with my login details
A popup blocker is stopping the course from loading
What are cookies, and why do I need to enable them?
How do I enable Cookies?
What are the minimum browser requirements?
When will I get my QQI results?
I cannot find my course
Can I complete my work course from home?
Can I print my course out?
Can I complete my course on my phone or tablet?
What is Moodle?
What browser should I use?
How long will I have access to my course?
I am interested in learning more about eLearning
Can I change my Moodle password?
I am having problems viewing, opening or printing pdf files
I want to change the email address I am registered with.
What browser and operating system am I using?

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