Business and learning continuity through the COVID-19 pandemic

Business and learning continuity through the COVID-19 pandemic

The current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is requiring organisations and people to reconsider their ways of work. Primarily this includes flexible and remote working, limiting face-to-face meetings and gatherings of staff and people. We want to help reduce the impact of restrictions and assist with change within the business.

The Learning Rooms have put in place a number of measures to assist our clients and protect our staff with their health and safety informing the decisions we make. We are rescheduling upcoming face-to-face training days (participants and course sponsors will be notified by email and phone); we are delivering more training online through recorded lectures, live chat rooms and webinar facilities; and we are reorganising our work plans to assist in the development of quick digital learning resources and solutions where clients have a current and immediate need.

Our team can quickly develop new eLearning courses and resources or transform existing training materials for online delivery. We can upskill your classroom facilitators and equip them with the skills needed to deliver your training in a virtual classroom or webinar.

We can help you in a number of ways:

Some tools you and your team might find useful if you are new to remote working:

  • Zoom: A video conferencing solution to replace face to face meetings.
  • Slack: A team communication platform.
  • Trello: Team collaboration and project management platform.
  • SelfControl: A free application to help you avoid distracting websites while you work.
  • Friday: Friday makes it easy to stay connected at work, no matter where your team is located.

Please note: Our ability to meet deadlines on our digital learning projects, provide client and learner support and deliver our services is not impacted by the current situation. If this changes we will ensure to notify all clients and partners.

Should you have an immediate need to help your remote workers, move your business communication or learning online, and reduce your training costs in the future contact us on 01 2974070.