Case Management digital learning programme

Case study: Digital Learning Programme for Case Managers

Title: Case study: Online Career Development for Case Managers in Nova Scotia
Client: NSDCA

About Nova Scotia Career Development Association

The Nova Scotia Career Development Association (NSCDA) is a not-for-profit professional organization with more than 600 members. The NSCDA’s goal is to strengthen the role of the career development profession within Nova Scotia and across Canada by providing guidance and tools for members to maximise their potential.

NSCDA members include Career Development Practitioners (CDPs), Certified Career Development Practitioners and people working within the field of career development using a variety of other titles that reflect their positions.

The NSCDA works with private and public sector clients to develop customised programmes that build competency within the career development sector. NSCDA’s training department is dedicated to producing high quality, easy-to-understand materials for career development professionals to ensure training programmes, seminars, publications, reports, conferences, and information sessions exceed expectations.

Business Challenge

The NSDCA provides certification for Career Development Practitioners throughout Nova Scotia and Canada. Their certification course saw increasing demand and their current course design was resource intensive to deliver. The original NSDCA course consisted of a PowerPoint presentations, audio, supplementary materials and assignments to make up over 100 hours of professional training. Additionally, many of the assignments required grading by tutors to ensure a consistently high standard of certification.

The course needed to be redeveloped so that it was self-directed and easy for career development professionals to complete during downtime in their busy day. The course needed to be scalable to reach the growing demand while not requiring additional staff resources to grade assignments and process certification.

“Great information presented throughout the course.” “Easy to follow, and information was presented in a logical order.” “Knowledge checks worked well and provided appropriate feedback.” “The flip cards under “Implementing Writing Skills” was really good at showing the do’s and don’ts to remember with excellent examples.” “Reflection questions were well written and give a great starting point to self-evaluate.”

Learner feedback

Our Solution

The Learning Rooms worked with NSDCA to design a certificated programme that met their resourcing needs and offered high quality, engaging asynchronous eLearning modules to their clients. Many of the original assignments were re-designed to assess the learning outcomes through a series of online quizzes, scenario based assessments and case studies that could be completed online, graded instantly and provide learners with feedback on their progress.

With the inclusion of infographics, video, animation, voiceover, reflective exercises and journaling activities The Learning Rooms considerably increased. Learner engagement with the material while improving knowledge retention.

An animated case study which learners follow throughout their learning programme brought much of the theoretical elements of the course to life.

The Learning Rooms have also produced a second version of the course tailored for a specific NSCDA client.

Key project outputs:

  • Online certified training
  • Animated interactive case studies
  • 100 hour learner centered course
  • Multimedia rich learning experience
  • Excellent learner feedback