Case Study: GDPR eLearning modules for RTÉ

Case Study: GDPR eLearning modules for RTÉ

Case Study: GDPR eLearning modules for RTÉ

Client: RTÉ

About RTÉ

RTÉ is the national television, radio and online broadcaster of Ireland and both produces programmes and broadcasts them. RTÉ’s vision is to champion Irish culture by captivating audiences with trusted, engaging and challenging content; celebrating Ireland’s rich diversity; and cultivating Ireland’s talent. RTÉ aim to be outward looking, creative, respectful, sustainable and accountable, collaborative and transparent.

Business Challenge

Staff within RTÉ handle the personal information of individuals as part of their day to day jobs and the new GPPR law that came into effect ensures that individuals are doing this in a safe, secure and lawful way. To support staff handle this personal information, RTÉ required GDPR eLearning training to be available online. The Learning Rooms had previously delivered training and eLearning templates to RTÉ Learn, enabling them to design and development high quality eLearning materials in-house. To increase capacity for producing eLearning courses within a short timeframe, RTÉ required additional support.

Our Solution

We worked with RTÉ on the development of nine GDPR eLearning modules:

  • Overview of the GDPR Modules
  • Personal Data Breaches
  • Data Protection and Contracts with Third Parties
  • International transfers
  • Data Protection by Design and Default and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)
  • Introduction and Definitions
  • The Principles
  • Individuals’ Rights
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance of the GDPR

These modules, have been designed to equip staff understand the basics of the GPPR. They cover key GDPR terms and concepts that are most relevant for staff, and also contain examples and stories that specifically relate to practice within RTÉ. At the end of the course, staff should understand the basics of the GDPR, but also know when to approach the designed RTÉ Data Protection Officer for advice and guidance in relation to data protection issues.

Key project features:

  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • Interactive and engaging content
  • Rapid eLearning development
  • eLearning templates
We used The Learning Rooms for instructional design for a number of modules in 2021. We found them flexible but also able to grasp detailed and complex briefs and work with the SMEs creatively to make the eLearning which not just fulfilled its compliance remit but was also engaging and easy to follow. The Learning Rooms were particularly patient and professional in their approach and showed a willingness to adapt to constantly evolving projects and creative demands.

Head of RTÉ Learn