Introduction to GDPR in the Workplace

About this course

This course gives participants a thorough introduction into GDPR and how it affects their work activities. It teaches participants about the key principles of data processing, how to securely process personal data and what to do in the case of a data breach. This course helps participants feel confident that they are fully compliant with GDPR when processing personal data at work.


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Who are our courses for?

Who is this course for?

This course is for organisations who want to ensure that their employees are processing personal data in compliance with GDPR regulations. It is suitable for all staff who handle personal data as part of their work duties.

Off-the-shelf eLearning

Introduction to GDPR in the Workplace is also available for organisations to host on their existing learning management system (LMS). Our flexible pricing structure makes it suitable for both large and small organisations. It is also available as part of our Off-the-shelf eLearning course catalogue.

Course Details

The aim of this course is to provide individuals with an understanding of what GDPR is, how it impacts their work duties and how they can process data in a more secure and responsible way.



  • What is GDPR?
  • Who does GDPR apply to?

Personal data

  • What is personal data?
  • Organisations requesting access to personal data
  • Special categories of personal data

Data processing

  • Types of data processing
  • Roles involved in data processing
  • Rights of the data subject
  • Data protection principles
  • Lawful bases for data processing
  • Consent
  • Subject access request

Data breach

  • What to do in the case of a data breach
  • Consequences of non-compliance

How to securely handle personal data

  • Good vs. bad data protection practice
  • How to take action


Key points

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the main principles of GDPR.
  • Identify personal data and special category personal data.
  • Recognise the roles involved in data processing.
  • Understand how to process personal data securely at work.
  • Identify a data breach and know how to handle it.

Introduction to GDPR in the Workplace

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