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Course starts 5 April 2023

The fully online course is designed to equip participants with the essential people management knowledge and skills they need take up a new challenge or explore new opportunities with confidence. We’ve combined our academic knowledge with our broad scope of management experience to deliver course content that is based on proven, best in class management theory that is also very practical and relevant.


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This was my first online course and I really enjoyed it. I found all the material applicable to my job and will most certainly work on developing my professional skills using everything I’ve learned.
Who are our courses for?

Who is this course for?

This people management eLearning course is designed for the busy professional who finds it difficult to set aside time for personal development. It is particularly valuable to people who have been promoted recently or are considering going for promotion to a position that will require them to manage individuals or teams.

What you’ll learn

Develop the personal and professional skills needed for effective people management.

Off-the-shelf eLearning

Managing People is also available for organisations to host on their existing learning management system (LMS). Our flexible pricing structure makes it suitable for both large and small organisations.

Course Details

This intensive course equips you with the personal and professional people management skills to get the best from your people and teams. It covers essential concepts, tools and models in the areas of:


  • Managing Performance
    • Understanding factors affecting performance
    • Setting goals in KRAs
    • Identifying and supporting good performance
    • Managing poor performance
  • Conflict Management
    • Causes (of conflict)
    • Types (of conflict)
    • Tools to resolve conflict
    • Pre-empting and preventing conflict
  • Coaching
    • Coaching as a management style
    • Advantages and benefits of coaching
    • Principles of coaching
    • Coaching processes
  • Managing Teams
    • Stages of team development
    • Developing effective teams
    • Managing teams
    • Optimising team performance
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Managing employee grievances
    • Handling discipline
    • Dignity and respect in the workplace
  • Presentation Skills
    • Planning; objective, structure, content.
    • Delivery; medium, audience, body language

Learning Outcomes

  • Managing Performance
    • Set clear, unambiguous standards, goals and objectives for individuals and teams
    • Identify key performance indicators for your organisation and your team
    • Plan, Do and Review performance
    • Communicate appropriate feedback to staff in a timely and constructive manner
    • Use an assertive and consistent approach when dealing with under performance
  • Conflict Management
    • Understand the meaning of conflict at work
    • Be aware of who can be involved in the conflict
    • Know what the signs and symptoms of conflict in the workplace
    • Understand potential causes  of conflict in the workplace
    • Adopt a systematic approach to  managing  conflict
    • Consider ways of preventing future conflict
  • Coaching
    • Use the GROW model of coaching.
    • Set meaningful coaching goals
    • Identify the role of questions in the coaching process
    • Gain commitment for coaching objectives
    • Agree outcomes and manage expectations
    • Acknowledge and address the challenges in the coaching relationship
    • Monitor the progress of individual learning and development
  • Managing Teams
    • Understand the four stages of team development
    • Be able to descibe the main characteristics of an effective team
    • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of team work
    • Develop a team work culture
    • Understand the value of motivation and feedback to individuals in your team
    • Consider the impact of teamwork on performance
  • Policies and Procedures
    • Use an assertive and consistent approach when dealing with dignity at work issues, grievances and disciplinary situations.
    • Identify the key concepts of employment legislation
    • Explain the concepts of equality and diversity
    • Have a working knowledge of employment law as it affects day-to-day management
    • Be able to apply best management practice within the law
    • Have a working knowledge of key organisational policies & procedures and know where to seek advice and guidance
  • Presentation Skills
    • Outline the objective(s) to be achieved through a presentation e.g. what you expect people to know, to do
    • Prepare the structure of a presentation
    • Plan the content of a presentation
    • Prepare and use appropriate aids in support of a presentation, such as visual, audio, handouts
    • Identify answers to likely questions raised by the presentation
    • Evaluate  own performance.

Course Facilitator

Katie Dalton

Katie’s graduate studies were completed in Human Resource Management where she came first in her class at the National College of Ireland.

Katie worked as an Employee Relations Specialist as part of the HR team in GE Superabrasives which manufactured industrial diamonds and represented one of the biggest capital investments of its time in Ireland employing over six hundred employees. Katie has experience in the areas of professional and managerial recruitment, performance management systems, training and development, reward and compensation and the worldwide graduate leadership development programme.

Since joining SHRC, Katie has been involved in employee surveys, recruitment, and has worked with our e-learning team in the development of a range of management skills courses and modules. Katie also facilitates e-learning courses for SHRC, the Health Management Institute of Ireland and other clients.

Course Delivery Options

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If you are working in the healthcare sector, you can book to attendance of our healthcare specific courses delivered by The Learning Rooms on behalf of HMI.

All other sectors
Individual bookings: To make a booking for yourself or on behalf of a colleague, complete the form below or contact us on 01 2974070.

Multiple bookings: To make a booking for two or more people, please contact us directly on 01 2974070.

In-company course: If you wish to run Managing People as an in-company course, please contact us directly on 01 2974070.

Managing People Course

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