Public Appointments Service eLearning Hub

eLearning for the Public Appointments Service

The Public Appointments Service (PAS) have just launched their eLearning Hub and a suite of custom eLearning courses designed for their interview boards.

The project supports their drive to be a lean and agile recruitment, assessment and selection organisation, recognised for reaching standards of excellence in filling the wide range of roles for the public service.

Developed by The Learning Rooms, the eLearning Hub enables PAS to deliver a blended learning approach to support the training and continuous development of their interview boards in line with best practice, their Guidelines and the CPSA Codes of Practice.

The eLearning hub currently hosts four engaging, practical and interactive courses.

Delivered in bite size chunks between 10 and 20 minutes they are easy to fit around a busy schedule. The content is custom designed for interviewers on boards at all levels from entry to senior level. The courses are hugely beneficial for people new to interviewing and also offer a great refresher for those with more experience. They guide interviewers through the PAS approach to interviewing, allowing them to make decisions and learn from mistakes in a safe environment. A strong, modern design, combined with engaging content, practical exercises and interactive interview simulations delivers a truly unique learning experience.

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The project contains a Moodle Learning Management System. The secure (SSL) system is protected by username and password. The look and feel of the LMS was designed by SHRC to fit with PAS branding guidelines and the design of their new strategy. Staff within PAS were trained on how to use and manage the LMS technology.

Running a series of focus groups with PAS interview board members identified the areas of content which were required. SHRC proposed an innovative approach to delivering the course as a series of tasks that the interviewer would carry out. Content was developed based on existing PAS training materials, research by SHRC and feedback from the target learners. Part of the course involved the development and refinement of PAS processes for inclusion in the course materials.