Fire Safety Training

The Importance of Fire Safety Training

Fire safety is one of the most important areas you can train your staff in that can help keep them safe at work. Fire can occur in a number of ways; whether it be faulty equipment, day-to-day items in a kitchen or break room, accidents, or even malice. There were 1,238 work related fires in 2016 that were responded to by the fire brigade in Ireland. Ensuring people in the workplace know the correct procedures and best practices in the event of a fire is essential in keeping everyone safe.

An employer must carry out a risk assessment to identify hazards and assess risks in the workplace. This is required by Section 19 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005. However, a risk assessment and the subsequent measures put in place alone does not prevent fires from occurring. If a fire were to break out, would your staff know where their nearest fire exit is, or their designated fire assembly point? If they were confronted with a small fire, would they be able to correctly identify what type of fire extinguisher to use, and how to use it appropriately?

Under sections 8, 9 and 10 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005, it is a legal requirement for employees to be provided with sufficient information, training and supervision to increase their safety at work, which includes fire safety. It is essential to be trained in compliance with the Act, and one of the primary methods of doing so is to deliver a short course on fire safety.

Participants of a training course should be equipped with the skills to not only identify the different type of fires, but to spot the potential of a fire starting from hazards in the workplace. Learning about the main causes of workplace fire, types of flammable materials, and the fire prevention triangle are all key components of knowledge to prevent a fire from beginning in the first place. Understanding of hazards and risks it will help reduce the chance of a fire occurring at work. Of course, having this knowledge to hand in the event of an accident occurring may help them deal with a dangerous situation quickly before it escalates.

It’s important for employees to understand the different type of fire extinguishers, such as foam, water, and dry powder, which are differentiated primarily by label colour. Specific extinguishers are required for certain situations, and if used incorrectly can make a situation worse than it originally was, so it is vital staff members know the difference. Employees must also know what to do in the event of a fire, which involves making quick decisions and assessing the situation to keep themselves and others out of danger. They should know about evacuation procedures in their organisation and even what to do if someone catches fire.

The Learning Rooms’ Basic Fire Safety online course delivers this training through eLearning, which provides a number of advantages to both the learner and employer. Learners will receive training in an engaging manner, with interactive content and exercises along the way. The course can also be completed in their own time without requiring them to leave work to attend a formal training course, while employers get to track their employee’s learning and attendance for compliance. The Learning Rooms can provide this course hosted on our systems, or for a company’s existing Learning Management System, and our flexible price structure fits large and small organisations. The course can also be customised to allow flexibility to fit your company’s needs, both in additional risks that may need to be included, or even for branding and design purposes.

Fire safety is a serious issue, and the danger of a fire breaking out in the workplace is very real. Ensuring people are prepared in the event of a fire is a necessary step in safety, and begins with  training and developing your staff’s understanding. The Learning Rooms’ Basic Fire Safety online course helps comply with current legislation, while engaging your staff and promoting a safe place to work.