Get Started with eLearning

Are you new to eLearning? Would you like to introduce eLearning into your organisation? Let us guide the journey from your first digital learning step to a high performing eLearning team.

”Getting Started with eLearning” Package

We have developed a “Getting Started with eLearning” package which includes Instructional Design and Articulate Storyline workshops as well as a tailored templates package which includes 150+ custom slides designed specifically for your organisation.

We tailor the package to suit your individual requirements and it offers organisations with little or no experience in delivering digital learning resources a robust solution to kick start their digital content journey.

We help our clients become independent in digital learning.

Capability Building

Create consistently great digital learning with our training, templates and support

Train your Team to Build and Deliver your own eLearning

Train your Team to Build and Deliver your own eLearning

We offer a range of face-to-face training courses to help build the capabilities of your staff to develop your own online learning. Our courses are designed for in-house subject matter experts, trainers and HR professionals and are supported by a range of templates and eLearning resources. Our courses include:

eLearning Templates

We will work with you to design a range of professional eLearning templates and procedures tailored to your workplace. Your team can use these professionally designed templates to develop courses that have high educational values. Our templates:

  • Offer more than 75% reduction in your development time
  • Enable you to create engaging, interactive content in-company
  • Ensures consistency for all digital learning throughout your organisation

All training and templates can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your organisation or we can design a specific training course just for you.

Digital Learning:

We have Blast-Off

Our free course on Digital Learning outlines some of the benefits of eLearning and looks at the key elements of a successful eLearning strategy. It looks at how different types of online tools can be used to deliver eLearning to suit your needs and helps you identify elements and features to add maximum benefit to your eLearning project.

The course investigates the various roles in an eLearning project development team and investigates the ADDIE eLearning development model which offers you a structured approach to developing eLearning materials.

Getting started with eLearning course

Would you like to introduce eLearning into your organisation?

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