What is QQI?

What is QQI?

From time to time when you search for a training course you may have also read the words, “leading to a QQI qualification”. So what is a QQI qualification and what differentiates a course with such a qualification from a course without it?

QQI simply stands for Quality and Qualifications Ireland which is an independent state agency established in 2012. As a agency, it is primarily responsible for promoting quality and accountability in education and training services in Ireland. QQI has a number of important functions. Chief amongst them is the responsibility for promoting, developing and maintaining the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). The NFQ is a key part of the infrastructure in education and training in Ireland. It is a 10 level framework for the development, recognition and awarding of qualifications in the country. Another key function of QQI is their role in approving programmes offered across a diverse range of educational providers which lead to an award on the NFQ.

Benefits of a QQI qualification

There are a number of reasons to consider completing courses which lead to a QQI qualification. QQI qualifications are recognised by employers as they indicate a certain level of learning and skills development. Additionally, QQI awards are recognised internationally which makes such qualifications highly valuable and very portable. As all QQI qualifications are aligned to the NFQ, having a qualification can offer access to higher education and training, right up to and including doctorate level (level 10 on the NFQ). For individuals and employers who are planning to make an investment in both time and money on a training course, it is worth gaining a qualification at the same time.

Quality Assurance

Only providers who have had their policies and procedures quality assured by QQI can deliver courses and programmes which lead to a QQI qualification. This allows participants to feel confident that they are receiving a learning experience which is mapped to the standards and guidelines set by QQI. These standards and guidelines lay down the responsibilities of providers of further education courses in areas such as governance, management, compliance requirements and assessment of achievement.

QQI provided by The Learning Rooms

At The Learning Rooms, we are quality assured to deliver a number of courses which lead to a QQI qualification.

  • Management Essentials, leading to a QQI Component Certificate Managing People, Level 6 (6N3945)
  • Strategic Planning, leading to QQI Component Certificate Strategic Planning, Level 6 (6N3673)
  • Coaching, leading to QQI Coaching Models of Practice Component Certificate Level 6 (6N3087)

Any queries 

If you have a question about any of our QQI courses, which we can run on an in-company basis, we would be delighted to chat with you.