New Moodle Features

Moodle 3.9 Released

Moodle 3.9 was released on 15 June 2020 and brings with it a few new features for users, teachers and administrators. Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

For all users

  • Go to top: You can now jump to the top of the page.
  • Participants filter: You can now search for and filter participants easier.
  • Book navigation: There is clearer navigation in the Book.
  • Accessibility: Two updated accessibility features include improvements to the Atto HTML text editor and a clearer focus on selected links.
  • Bulk delete private files: You can now remove multiple unwanted private files.
  • H5P integrated: H5P activities can now be added and graded.

For teachers

  • Turn editing on: There is a new bright button in the Boost theme so you can easily turn editing on.
  • Activity completion: Activities can be moved with the fear of losing the activity completion settings with a new completion condition based on “previous”.
  • Safe Exam Browser: You can now configure SEB to suit quiz requirements.
  • Content bank for H5P: You can now store, upload, create and configure 5HP from a new content bank.
  • H5P reporting: There is now the option to enable grading and attempt tracking for H5P.
  • Activity choose: You can easily locate, start and view recommended items in the improved Activity chooser.
  • MoodleNet: You can search for and import content from the new social network site MoodleNet.

For administrators

  • H5P integration: H5P is now fully integrated with new admin settings.
  • Safe Exam Browser: You can now configure SEB to suit quiz requirements.
  • Activity chooser: You can specify the tabs in the newly designed Activity chooser.
  • Recommended activities: You can recommend activities and configure the display of the new Activity chooser.
  • Licences: You can now add a new licence from the admin settings.
  • Users tours: You can specify access dates when enabling User tours.
  • Course copy: Quickly copy courses with the new feature.
  • MoodleNet: You can integrate your own Moodle site with the new social network, MoodleNet.
  • Badges 2.1: You can now add new backpacks with Open Badge 2.1.
  • Give Moodle feedback: You can now ask your users to help Moodle improve with a feedback link on your site.

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