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About this Employment Law course

Every manager needs a working knowledge of employment law. They need to understand the link between legal requirements and what managers can and should do. They also need to know when to get advice. This highly practical one-day training course is designed to give managers practical guidance so that they can manage positively and proactively and approach employment related decisions with know-how and confidence. The course covers ten key areas of employment practice including selection, equality, and managing performance in a positive way.


The Learning Rooms Certificate of Completion


1 day face-to-face


In-company course price: €1,500


Maximum 18 participants


High quality learning materials


6.5 CPD points

Who are our courses for?

Who is this training for?

Employment Law is aimed at all managers and other staff (e.g. personnel, training and payroll) involved in making employment related decisions.

Course Details

This course covers the following areas:

Course content

  • Contracts of employment – the legal context, types of contract; essential contents
  • Recruitment and selection – job profiling; advertising; fair selection processes.
  • Conditions of employment – minimum notice; communications; health and safety; contemporary issues e.g. internet, email and data protection.
  • Equality – areas covered; direct and indirect discrimination; equality of opportunity; treatment and pay.
  • Managing attendance – what the manager can and should do to proactively manage attendance.
  • Maternity and other leave – annual leave; public holidays; compassionate leave; maternity and paternity leave and jury service.
  • Working time – impact on working arrangements.
  • Bullying and harassment – definition and legal obligations; requirement to prevent; codes of practice; fair processes.
  • Handling grievance and disciplinary cases – fair processes; unfair dismissals; principles of natural justice.
  • Termination of employment – redundancy, transfer of undertakings; collective dismissals and other lawful termination.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course participants will:

  • Have a working knowledge of employment law as it affects day-to-day management
  • Will be able to approach employment related decisions with confidence and in a positive manner
  • Know when to seek advice
  • Know what is required to meet the organisation’s legal requirements

The learning outcomes of this course is to provide managers with a full working knowledge of employment law as it affects day-to-day management. At the end of the programme, participants should be able to approach employment related decisions in a positive manner with competence and confidence. Managers will know when to seek advice and know what is required to meet the organisation’s legal requirements.

Employment Law

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