Facilitation Skills

About this Facilitation Skills course

Facilitation is the art of achieving success in groups through engagement and structured processesIt is a process that trainers, team builders, managers and others use to add content, process and structure to meet the needs of individuals and teams and enable them to achieve their objectives effectively. With increasing pressure on organisations to produce results quickly, the role of the facilitator has changed. Part of this change is the ability to motivate a permanent or virtual team of highly qualified people to share their expertise. These groups and individuals need to learn and develop, solve problems, manage conflict, gather information, plan strategies or simply reach consensus. With this in mind, they need the guidance of well trained facilitators who can plan, guide and manage such meetings.


The Learning Rooms Certificate of Completion


2 days face-to-face


In-company course price: €2,800


Maximum 18 participants


High quality learning materials


13 CPD points

Who are our courses for?

Who is this training for?

Facilitation Skills is aimed at managers, trainers, instructors and facilitators and others who deal with groups and teams in order to achieve organisational objectives and goals.

Course Details

This course covers the following areas:

Course content

  • Defining what facilitation means
  • Exploring the difference between facilitation, instruction, management and direction
  • Identifying the competencies associated with effective facilitation
  • Learning how to help others to visualise, sort and prioritise complex information
  • Learning how to manage the environment
  • Learning how to encourage participation
  • Learning how to provide positive feedback
  • Learning how to manage conflict situations
  • Role play and discussion

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course participants will:

  • Know the importance of building rapport
  • Know the importance of active listening and observation
  • Understand the need for effective questioning
  • Understand the need to manage information flow
  • Understand group dynamics
  • Understand a range of group and individual behaviours

Facilitation Skills

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