John Hannaway

My Management Essentials Experience

I recently completed our Management Essentials course. After joining the company nine months ago I wanted to get an understanding of all our courses and experience them first hand. I loved my experience.

For those that do not know, our Management Essentials course is a blended learning programme that leads to a QQI Level 6 component certificate in Managing People. This is targeted at new and existing managers and is made up of three face-to-face training days and six online eLearning modules. The course covers a broad range of topics focused on the key skills and knowledge for a manager, there is also lots of practical guidance and tips to apply in your day-to-day people managing activities.

Face-to-face training days

These workshops incorporate group work, exercises and facilitated discussions. This allowed me to learn from other managers from different backgrounds and industries and see what I could learn from their experiences. The practical nature resulted in our group leaving each of the three days with something we could implement straight away. Some of the tangible and most interesting tools I took away included: team surveys, delegation evaluation tools, personality and attitude assessments for staff.

Online modules

The six online modules are easily accessible and were really enjoyable. I liked finding a window in my day and completing some of the course at my convenience whether in-between meetings or on a commute. The modules make you work through scenarios which encourage you to reflect on your learnings and activities keep you engaged throughout. The topics covered online were; managing teams, managing conflict, coaching, presentation skills, policies & procedures and managing performance.


In order to gain the QQI Level 6 Component Certificate, you must complete all elements of the course including the assessment consisting of a learner record and two small assignments. These assignments are a 1,500 word project on how you would utilise the tools and techniques gained from the course and a 1,000 word reflection. The assessment gives you the opportunity to embed core course skills in your work then write critically and reflect on your experience.

Your trainer

The Learning Rooms has a network of experienced, professional trainers nationwide who are skilled in delivering engaging training content, facilitating discussion amongst the group and helping weave in real-life practical experience and best practice in management. The trainers are adept in tailoring the course for the particular group and have experience in many industries in order to maximise the benefit of the learners.

Who should do this course

This course is not about the theory of management, or knowing of management techniques. It is learning why, how and when to use practical tools to help you get the best out of your staff. It arms you to tackle the challenges management responsibilities will turn up daily. Leaving the training course you will have the ability and tools to manage people and will give you the confidence taking on new projects.

The course is beneficial to a wide audience even those in management positions for a number of years. A common misconception held by some managers’ is “I know what I am doing, I don’t need to learn anything new”. I genuinely believe this comes from a place of trying your best but potentially lacking an understanding of what is best practice, as you may find better ways of managing in the most effective way. On a personal level and in our organisation, there is a core belief in continuous learning and improvement. We should constantly look to upskill or develop ourselves.

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